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Sales Tip - Walking in your prospects shoes

Walking in your prospects shoes

Looking back at my sales career and some of the sales I managed to win all I seemed to do was turn up say how good our offerings were and promise to deliver the earth. My memory may be fading and may only remember the easy sales however I think it has changed a lot since I started my sales career.

With the advance of technology and ease of access to information we could only dream about in years gone by. It is easier to research products and services before prospects have to engage a salesperson. I listen to salespeople today who get lost when they lose their GPS and wonder how they would have survived with an A-Z book and no mobile phone however I am getting off my thought for the day.

Times have changed for the better for the buyer today and us as salespeople have changed and in some cases still need to change. We now have to look at our sales offering from our prospects point of view. We have to take a walk in their shoes so that we can answer the three questions they are asking.

If you are selling services today’s tip is for you. The three questions every one of your prospects wants answered and will ask are:

  • Do you really understand what we need?
  • Can you (your product) do what you claim?
  • Will you be able to work with us?

To answer “Do you really understand what we need?” you have to demonstrate that you know why the issue needs to be resolved and what the implications are if the issue isn’t resolved.

They expect you to grasp the issue and manage it to a successful resolution. You need to be able to speak with authority and show them that you understand how important it is to them. If you appear to only talk in superficial terms they will have concerns about whether you can resolve their issue. Walking in their shoes, talking in their language, understanding why it is an issue, understanding the implications if it isn’t resolved and most importantly demonstrating that you have their interest at heart starts to build trust.

The second question your prospects want answered “Can you (your product) do what you claim?” is all about producing relevant and valid evidence. If you are just talking and can’t provide any evidence it is just words so be ready with hard evidence.

The last question “Will you be able to work with us?” can be a stopper. You may have answered the first two but if they think you can’t work with their team you will be out. This is a fine balance of showing you can work with their team but at the same time offer more than their team or why would they engage you.

If you walk in their shoes and are able to answer their three questions your prospect will see you as having their interest at heart and that you motive is to deliver a successful project.

It is not easy selling services but you can make easier. So go take a walk and see how it feels.

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