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Sales and the gift of the gab


Whenever I ask for the traits of a successful salesperson the phrase “they have the gift of the gab” is always trotted out. This is maybe so on the TV in ‘Only Fools and Horses’ or on film in the ‘Tin Men’. In fact years ago this was true with the snake oil salesman or the latter day version the dodgy doubling glazing or dodgy car salesmen. It always seems to be salesmen with this gift of the gab!

The truth is that today to be successful in sales the gift of the gab may get your somewhere but it generally won’t make you a consistent superstar salesperson.

In the modern selling world of today to be successful in sales it isn’t all about the slick presentation and fast words. To be successful today is all about conversations.

The misconception most people make is that you need to be extrovert to do well at sales. Looking back at my career the most successful sales have been in conversational meetings with 2 or 3 people. We talked about the issues and needs then discussed a solution to them in a meaningful conversation.

I am not an extrovert and can’t think of anything worse than being the centre of attention unless I am delivering a training course and even then the attendees are the centre of attention. In fact I would rather sit there and listen than stand up and be loud and annoying.

It took me twelve months at the start of my sales career to realise that I could be a success by having conversations with prospects, building trust and developing relationships.

In sales today you have to be able to talk with lots of different people about many different subjects. I agree that is what extroverts can do however you need to be a bit of an introvert as well.

It is great doing the talking however you need to listen as well. You need to listen to the other person and understand what they are saying.

To be successful at sales you need to be an introvert and an extrovert. The thing is that most people don’t believe they can be a success in sales as they think you need the gift of the gab however sales skills can be learnt.

You can learn to ask questions, you can learn how to listen better, and you can learn to have a conversation with a goal. The goal is to understand if you can help the other person and if you can help them with your offerings even better but you need to have a meaningful conversation first.

Think about your experience with sales people. My guess is that the ones that you liked didn’t have the gift of the gab they had a conversation with you. They asked about you and what you needed, then listened to your answers, and then presented you with something they thought was a good fit to what you needed.

So if you think you will never be successful in sales think again it is not smoke and mirrors it can be learnt. If you want to learn give me a call now and we can have a conversation to see if I can help you.

You can learn new sales skills and we are here to help you by offering three options to gain new knowledge.

Option One - Take a look at our sales book of the week –How to Sell Anything to Anyone by Joe Girard

At an exhibition last week I met two salespeople from the Benfield Motor Group and talking to them reminded me of this book. Joe Girard was in the Guinness Book of Records for being the best car salesman in the world.

When I got home I dusted down the book and started to read it again. As it happens I remember using one of the techniques successfully when I was selling in the world of IT. It was well worth a read as it gives you tips and techniques in how to win more sales.

This is a book will have something for you. Click here for more information

Option Two - Our Free 7 Ways to Increase Performance, Profits and Sales next session is on Friday 10th August for more information click here

Offer Three - ‘10 Sales and Marketing Activities that are free to implement’ mini sales course delivered direct to your inbox. To register click here

If I can help you with any of your current sales issues please contact me to see if I can help you. Call me on 0191-2267366 or email me michael@arrowsales.co.uk

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