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If you’re considering investing your digital marketing budget into Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, then chances are you’re thinking one thing and one thing only: Google. Why wouldn’t you? For the last five years the search engine giant has enjoyed a 90%+ market share in the UK & has long been synonymous with everything and anything to do with search marketing.

However, at the back end of 2012, something rather strange happened, as Google dropped to its lowest percentage of market share in the UK in five years. Figures released suggested that only 89% of web searches for the final quarter of 2012 were conducted using Google. So not exactly a colossal drop in position, but worth noting that this slight dip has allowed market rivals to raise their profiles and positions.

Which brings us on nicely to Microsoft Bing and Yahoo. Two networks that are often overlooked by advertisers who are content with battling it out on Google, but platforms that carry a loyal following of UK searchers, where entry level costs can often be lower, and small but relevant markets are ready, waiting and searching.

Microsoft Bing now has a 5% market share, with Yahoo in third place at around 3%. The two have teamed up in recent years meaning that advertisers can set up a campaign in the same interface that offers coverage across both networks, so it couldn’t be easier. As well as this, Bing (who control the interface) allow you to import campaigns directly from Google Adwords, so any laborious set up labour is taken care of as well.

Now that we’ve discovered the simplicity of setting up a PPC campaign across these two important networks, let’s delve in to the reasons why Bing & Yahoo can help advertisers attract new customers.

1. A loyal audience

A large portion of Bing users have been using the search engine since it was called MSN, when MSN was in many ways a standard way for these users to search. This has led to a loyal following.

2. Increased exposure

Google may well command the bulk of market share, but we can’t forget about the remaining 11% or so that advertisers aren’t reaching on Google. A PPC campaign across MSN & Yahoo will cover 8% of this gap and has a great chance of bringing in brand new customers.

3. Stay ahead of the game

Competition on Bing & Yahoo is a fraction of the bun-fight for rankings that we see on Google. These networks offer a great chance for well-placed exposure. Many businesses still write off these networks and stick to Google. So get in now before your competitor does!

4. Great Value

It goes without saying that in a less competitive environment, the costs for advertising are (as a general rule) lower. Therefore, a keyword or phrase that you struggle to afford on Google may well be more manageable to target on Bing & Yahoo. These cheaper CPC networks may also provide the perfect platform for keyword research & ROI trends – which can then help form a higher spending Google campaign.

5. Windows 8

The recent increase in the share that Bing has seen is likely to be as a result of the launch of Windows 8, which has Bing set as the default search engine, meaning their volume of searches may continue to rise throughout 2013.

Now don’t get us wrong, by no means are we suggesting that you abandon Google and attempt to drive the advertising of your business forward by using Bing & Yahoo alone. We just think that these two important engines shouldn’t be overlooked, and will always suggest their inclusion in a well thought out paid for Search Marketing strategy.

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