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Video Conferencing Transforms Global Leadership Meetings

A global network of former political leaders, The Global Leadership Foundation, is using video communications to transform the way it communicates and cut costs at the same time.

The GLF is a group of 34 distinguished former leaders, which exists to support current national leaders across the globe. The network of former political leaders provides discreet and confidential advice to today’s heads of state, with a goal of supporting good governance and effective leadership around the world. GLF’s Secretariat has used LifeSize, a division of Logitech, video conferencing, to develop its strategies and reduce its running costs.

“Briefing documents and background information have their place, but for many decisions nothing will ever beat personal advice from someone you respect,” explained Peter Osborn, operations manager at Global Leadership Foundation.

“In many cases a half an hour, face-to-face ‘virtual’ meeting with Members is far more valuable than the exchange of emails and offers far more than a telephone conversation.”

The GLF Board recently held its meeting via video rather than in person. Not only did using video save thousands in flight costs, but it also meant that members - who offer their time for free – only had to sacrifice a few hours rather than days to attend the meeting.

When asked how the video meeting went, one senior member remarked, “It’s a lot easier without the jetlag.”

Initial set up costs were around £16,000, but return on investment was almost achieved with one meeting when three transatlantic business class flights did not have to be paid for.

This has made a huge impact on the way the GLF operates - overall, board members who give up their time voluntarily, can avoid travelling and The GLF can make better use of their resources.

GLF Members include figures such as Nobel Peace laureate FW de Klerk and Lakhdar Brahimi, currently serving as UN peace envoy to Syria.

It’s a great example of how HD video conferencing is fundamentally altering the way organisations operate. Saving money is one thing, but the real commodity for leaders is time and there’s really no substitute for having more of it.

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