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Rhetorik Solutions launches new website connecting ICT channel with end clients

Rhetorik Solutions, the data owner and business intelligence company with over 20 years’ experience in the ICT sector, has launched a brand new website to help ICT Product and Service Providers reach out to their end clients.

ICT Connect is the brainchild of Rhetorik’s Marketing Department, as they looked for more and more innovative ways to help their clients develop deeper and more profitable relationships with their end clients.

David Young, Rhetorik Marketing Director says:

“There is kind of ‘perfect storm’ sweeping across the industry at the moment which is threatening to prevent ICT vendors from communicating effectively with their end clients. It started out as a general tightening of corporate policies across the industry regarding the kind of information they would divulge about who within their organisations was responsible for the ICT purchasing and decision-making process, making it much more difficult for vendor companies to contact the right clients. Similarly, over the last three years we’ve seen an increase in the power wielded by often over-zealous procurement departments, who demand such strict terms and accreditation from suppliers that many are entirely blocked from pitching their products and services. Finally, we’ve witnessed the rise in perfect knowledge brought about by the internet, making parity product pricing a frequent bugbear for suppliers, as well as the kind of landscape that allows smaller operations able to reduce overheads and create lower distribution costs, all affecting a company’s chances of landing a contract in the first place.”

In the light of this increasingly difficult environment for ICT vendors to connect with their end clients, Rhetorik began researching ways in which they could help their clients who licence their NetFinder Database product to ensure they stood the best chance of getting a return on investment.

“It used to be the case that you could provide the latest market intelligence about a company’s technical profile and the right contact details and leave them to do the rest, although those days are gone. Any market intelligence provider that is serious about providing value to their clients needs to up their game, hence our decision to launch ICT Connect”.

ICT Connect contains a number of different zones designed to help the ICT Marketer. Whether it’s anecdotal articles about how to deal with certain kinds of marketing campaigns, or simply just to get a better insight into why some marketing campaigns fail, users will find the site packed with reviews, news items and details about the latest industry movements.

The site is currently free to use for all ICT vendors and can be seen at www.ictconnectonline.com

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