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Can mobile marketing sector deliver for TextLocal?

SMS marketing specialists TextLocal operate North West and Worcestershire bases, and are eyeing growth in the mobile marketing sector. Bdaily put some questions to managing director and co-founder, Darren Daws.

What is the market like for mobile marketing?

Put simply any business that ignores mobile marketing will be well and truly left behind this year as mobile continues to expand. Despite its youth as a media channel, opt-in mobile marketing is already used by nearly two-thirds of businesses; perhaps a surprising level of uptake, but one that is rewarding marketers with SMS open rates of over 99% and exciting campaign response rates averaging over 30%. This dwarfs the next best channel, email; which typically only yields a 15% open rate and 2% click through rate. The most important out-take in the world of mobile is the direct correlation between m-commerce and opt-in mobile marketing. There are 27.6 million mobile commerce users and the total UK opt-in mobile universe is 27.9 million. The open and response rates cement this; therefore having an opt-in mobile marketing strategy is far more effective than mobile advertising.

How have you developed the technology you use?

Our entire team in Worcestershire are solely dedicated to innovation and technology. Our team are continually assessing user behaviour and trends to adapt and optimise our platform, Messenger, for the best user experience.

Which sectors have you found success in?

Take-aways, restaurants, clubs and bars have seen great success. It is no surprise the health sector is now arguably in pole position, with appointment reminders, alerts and confirmations common place from GPs, hospitals, clinics and much more. Finance and insurance services are a stalwart, often using the service to accelerate claims processes and from an operational perspective too.

Utilities, travel, retail, entertainment and gambling are equally strong especially in the North from a targeting perspective. It’s no surprise really that uptake is based on what we as consumers love to do, or have to do. We know what to send and when to send it for the best results.

What impact will 4G have on TextLocal?

4G and other improvements never affect us as a business. We always embrace evolution; and 4G is rather at an ‘operator level’, as well as at the discretion of the end user whether to purchase such a handset. Richer experiences can be served of course.

Is it important that TextLocal is North West-based?

We have two offices, one in Chester, the other in Malvern. We are very passionate about working with the local communities and helping local businesses to succeed. Our business itself was built on servicing SMEs which invariably means local companies. We work with the local Chambers, the regional DMA teams, the FSB and we always make a point to help out the local area through CSR initiatives where possible.

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