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Behind the business with Dreamr

Bdaily goes behind the business with Mylo Kaye, the co-founder of Dreamr, a digital development and design agency based in Manchester.

What key challenges has your company recently faced?

Two key challenges we have recently faced are:

Expansion - We’ve recently hit 16 full-time employees. With the increase of workers brings additional needs such as larger office space. In Manchester alone the amount of bespoke office space to fit our needs has been difficult to find. Being a creative agency we need a space that echoes our fun, hard-working ethos. That’s not always easy to find.

Trust - When myself and our Co-Founder Jack started Dreamr in 2014, it was easy to trust each other with getting the job done. Now with 16 staff, you have to believe in each and every one of the team to do the job, not how you would do it but how they would do it. That’s a tough challenge to overcome. As long as you mentor, trust and believe in your team, you will be on the same road to success.

What is your biggest achievement over the past 12 months?

My biggest achievement has been getting to a point when you come into the office and you have a feeling of having created something so wonderful that staff are always motivated, our partners bring us repeat business and you always end the day with a smile, no matter what challenges you’ve faced.

What is your most important focus for the coming year, and what do you hope to achieve?

This year will be Dreamr’s most exciting yet, aside from finding a new office to call home, we’re on track to hit £1m in turnover. This will be a huge achievement for us and something that I wouldn’t be able to do without such an amazing team around me.

What excites you most about your industry and business?

Our industry is so fast paced that companies like Apple and Google release products you would never think of. Take the Apple Watch last year, or the Samsung virtual reality headset. Dreamr is dynamic and fast paced enough that we’re able to adapt to market trends. We were even allowed by Apple to experiment with the Apple TV before it was released to the world. Thats exciting.

What do you wish you’d known when starting out?

I always think everything happens for a reason, so I guess I wouldn’t like to change the past. If there was one thing I would’ve liked to know when starting out is just how much time it takes to build a strong and amazing team. There are tons of factors that make a great and successful team and you can’t force a culture of someone, they have to believe in you and what you’re doing.

What will be the “next big thing“ in your industry, and how do you plan to handle it?

The fantastic thing about our industry is that the ‘next big thing’ is almost around the corner. Virtual reality will be huge; I can see it in cinemas, shopping malls, just about everywhere. You will be able to sample your next holiday in your local travel agent and experience what its like to visit Mexico without leaving the store.

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