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New Mancunian version of Code's Higher Lower Game

Manchester digital agency Code Computerlove has launched a Manchester version of its globally acclaimed The Higher Lower Game to support local charity Forever Manchester.

The new game asks players to guess which of two Google search terms about Manchester is most popular, for example whether “Manchester City” has a higher monthly search volume than “Media City”, or whether “Champagne Supernova” is Googled more than “Voodoo Ray”. The goal is to get the most correct answers in a row.

Code’s original Higher Lower Game has been played more than half a billion times, and on the week of its release reached the Number One spot in the iOS App Store chart.

The new game’s homepage encourages people to support regional charity Forever Manchester, which funds and support thousands of community projects across Greater Manchester.

The game’s designer Charles Burdett from Code Computerlove explained: “As a Manchester business we’re keen to support the local community via charitable organisations in the region. With the Higher Lower Game being such a phenomenal success, reaching millions of people who seem to really love the moments of delight and astonishment when the answer to an in-game comparison is simply unbelievable, we recognised that this was a great way to help raise awareness of Forever Manchester.

“Forever Manchester does some amazing work – from a huge range of activities for young people, to supporting the elderly and people with disabilities. It helps local people to build communities from the inside out, and galvanise the true creative, entrepreneurial spirit for Greater Mancunians to emerge and shine.

“We worked with Forever Manchester to identify the hundreds of search terms that relate to our great city and were quite astonished ourselves at just how popular our Manchester icons are. The game is now live and we’ve included a link to Forever Manchester’s website at the start of the game so people can find out more about the charity and to make a donation.

“The game has only been live for a couple of weeks and has really taken off, being played world-wide as well as locally. It’s already driving visits to www.forevermanchester.com which is great news.”

Charles added: “The game features a number of famous Mancunians, who we also hope will perhaps have a play to see how their Google search volumes compare to other famous Mancunian themes.”

James Hampson, Communities Coordinator at Forever Manchester, said: “We’ve already seen a huge uplift in visits to our site and this is just the beginning. One benefit we didn’t realise was that it’s a great talking point in the community and has led to some good connections between people, bringing people closer together to have other conversations.”

The game is available to play as a web based game or via an app. But be warned… it’s highly addictive! http://www.higherlowergame.com/manchester

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