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Paola Diana - the bestselling author, entrepreneur and female activist

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Introducing Paola Diana - The Bestselling author, activist, entrepreneur & Intellect destroying glass ceilings for female's around the globe

With a finger pressed firmly on the pulse when it comes to female empowerment, rights and equality around the world, Paola Diana has established herself as a profound figurehead for defying all laws of gender supremacy. Through her endeavours in politics, authorship, business and education, she continues her strenuous efforts to delve into the sociological science behind male patriarchy – changing the world as we see it in the process.

A native of Italy, Paola achieved a BA in Political Science and an MA in Institutional Relations from the University of Bologna before probing into the world of Italian politics. Since the day that she embarked on a career directing the Think Tank in support of former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi’s political campaign, Paola has never been one to adhere to gender stereotypes - challenging the ideologies of male supremacists at every opportunity.

Her formidable stature as a focal point for female empowerment has seen her emerge as a pillar for women all over the world, as a result of her endeavours to destroy all boundaries standing in their way. Whether it be writing a best-selling book, flying the flag for female entrepreneurs in business, or fighting for gender equality against the tide of oppression – there can be no denying that Paola is a force to be reckoned with.

As the Founder and Chairman of the Diana Group, which has been recognised in The Spear’s 500 2018 as one of London’s most influential service providers for high net worth individuals, Paola has also proven herself to be an extremely multifaceted success story.

Paola Diana ~ the Best-Selling Author

“I write about history to free us from the past, I write about the present to strive for alternative destinies and I write about the future because the world we live in is not the only one possible.“

Paola has established herself as one of the leading lights in the literary world as a result of her bestselling book; ‘Saving the world. Women: the XXI’s Century Factor for Change’. Perfectly combining the theories of sociology, science and history, Paola has developed a niche for herself that has seen her lauded as a female activist renowned for digging beneath the surface to uncover what truly constitutes a patriarchal society. The book which has already cemented itself as a best-seller in Italy, is being translated into English and extensively revised to incorporate recent events that impinge on female’s conditions and the struggles to achieve a meaningful equality.

A vivid call for change, Paola’s polemic style of writing is aimed at inflicting impactful modifications in governments, industries and cultural institutions. Speaking on the importance of writing books that aim to dissect such strong subjects, Paola said: “We can’t close our eyes anymore on the enormous social emergency that is the conditions for women and girls worldwide. The time has come to take a leap and help those left behind.

“Our governments can’t act as if nothing is happening when women’s rights are constantly disrespected.“

**Paola Diana ~ the Thought-Provoking Politician **

“Politics should be the noblest of arts, but instead it often forms a stage for men to flex their egos. When this patriarchy collapses under the blows of science, a new era will form. An era where empathy, knowledge and peace will count for more than muscles.”

Paola was able to recall and relay her experience of working closely with the Italian government in her books. Having graduated from university, Paola went on to spearhead the Think Tank in support of the former Prime Minister and President of the European Commission, Romano Prodi’s political campaign.

Paola used politics to help raise awareness for issues relating to women’s rights, and through the initiative she founded in 2006 called PariMerito (Equal Merit), she played a part in the passing of various laws. This included a bill that requires every company board to have a female representation of at least 30%.

Under the initial mentoring of Professor Filippo Andreatta, the son of a major politician in the nineties of whom she credits as the biggest influence on her career, Paola was able to establish herself as a mouthpiece for female equality. Battling the traditions of a government dominated by males unable to accept the presence of a strong female campaigner, Paola was able to stamp her authority by pushing for more female speakers and professors in the school for the Democratic Party in 2013. This was a private school in Bologna which opened its doors to people interested in learning more about politics during weekends and holiday periods.

Speaking on the struggles she faced within the Italian political industry, Paola said: “I think it was because I was seen as a change maker. Somebody who doesn’t just talk, but actions things - this may have scared some people.

“In Italy, men who hold power like weak women, who will cry and fold at the first sign of resistance. They want women whose sole purpose is to be the lovers, wives or daughters of men. This was never going to be the case with me.“

Paola Diana ~ the female champion

“My heart bleeds for the millions of women who suffer injustices every day, all over the world. Everyone’s heart should bleed the same way, just as we live and breathe in the same way. Indifference is the antechamber of evil.“

In a world where the feminist label is frequently brandished somewhat unduly, Paola has built a reputation as an extraordinary female activist with a drive to champion women from all walks of life. Her incorporation of historical and sociological explanations to establish the origins of violence and oppression towards women has given her books a unique edge.

Having established an ever-growing profile as a reputed female entrepreneur originating from a country still trailing behind their Western European counterparts for female rights, Paola has developed experiences that separate her from the rest. Growing up as a victim of physical violence at the hands of a male dominated, authoritarian family, Paola recalls her childhood being plagued by psychological and fiscal violence. Her personal struggles against the intense authority of her father at home is something that Paola cites as a contributing factor towards her compelling desire to free females from the obscenity of maltreatment: “My father couldn’t accept any differing opinions. If we argued, I had to look down to the floor and wasn’t allowed to look him in the eyes.

*“I also think that violence is not always overtly apparent to people outside the household, and this is sometimes where it is most dangerous. To the outside world, my family was seen as the golden example of a loving home, with my father seen as a respected professor amongst the community and a loving family man. It shows just how dark and twisted domestic violence can be. *

“I think my experiences have led to me making the fight for women’s rights my mission. Female empowerment is much more than a secondary issue or the issue of a minority. It is a disruptive power that will change the social system in which we all live. It is a creative force that will shape our society to follow a completely different path, where inclusion, empathy, respect, happiness and peace will flourish.“

A combination of her personal experiences and exposure to the oppressive culture in Italy, of which women are discriminated against for the want of having children, has seen Paola make an active effort to empower females in the workplace. Paola has made it her remit to employ people based on their credentials, regardless of their background in a bid to elevate women as oppose to limiting their potential. This includes hiring females who may already be pregnant - a practice which forcefully contradicts the norms in Italy, whereby women are deterred from having children should they wish to pursue a career. This has led to Italy becoming second only to Japan as the oldest country in the world, with 22.4% of the population over the age of 65.

Paola was also determined to defy any gender boundaries when it came to her education. Her academic studies in Political Science, with a strong focus on history, international relations, sociology and history of religions has allowed her to synthesize new solutions to tackling the issues of female oppression. Paola is a keen believer that the rights of females should be considered before the fundamentalist ideologies within religious scriptures, traditions and beliefs: “Feminist and humanitarian diplomacy should be based on the principle that women’s rights are inalienable universal rights and, as such, cannot be denied because of religion, culture or tradition”.

**Paola Diana ~ the Entrepreneur **

“They taught you to be humble and conformist? I say be ambitious, competitive bold and independent.“

Aside from her credentials as a champion of female empowerment, Paola has built a business empire that many could merely dream of. Despite now being widely commended for her prowess in entrepreneurship, it was by chance that Paola stumbled across the idea behind her first business venture. As a single working mother of two, Paola was in need of a nanny to look after her children - but having placed a high importance on the need for her children to be bilingual, she searched for one with an English native tongue. Unable to find one in Italy, she turned to London, where she not only found a nanny but also a viable business model that she was able to implement in her native country.

As a result, Paola went on to be the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Diana Group, which has since established itself as a market leader in the recruitment and luxury lifestyle field. Accommodating for high net individuals, families and corporations around the world, Paola launched Nanny & Butler, SupremePA and Sigillus, all three of which provide superlative recruitment services in their respective sectors. Nanny & Butler cover private household staff and childcare recruitment, SupremePA provide head hunting and recruitment services for secretarial staff and Sigillus offer lifestyle management and concierge services to an elite clientele.

The success of the Diana Group has led to Paola being included in The Spear’s 500 in 2018 as one of London’s most influential service providers for high-net-worth individuals.

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