Three Tech Start-ups Are Able to Make a Name for Themselves in London

London is quite possibly the business capital of the world right now. There are some concerns about Brexit right now and even the economic impact that it might have on the main city of England. Either way, right now, it looks to be the hotbed of any business activity and it looks like it is going to be that way in the future as well. One sign that business is open as usual right now is the fact that a lot of tech start-ups have come to the forefront in recent times. Right now, technology is huge and it’s certainly a worthwhile industry to tap into.

Take Tej Kohli for example, he has put millions into the London tech scene. His work has meant that start-ups can achieve their full potential. Take eSports for example. This industry is commanding huge audiences and there are a number of sides who are choosing to establish themselves in London too.


Blippar was founded in the year 2011 and it was actually founded as a joke. The joke referred to the Queen of England coming out of the note. Ever since that day, ideas were then drawn up and Blippar was then born. Blipper started to experiment with VR and they earned a reputation as well. They were able to create solutions that were new and unique, and they were also able to really push themselves. The creation of theirs really did give them the chance to become a company that they never set out to be.


The company was founded in the year 2013. Kenneth Mulvany chose to sell a biotech business and they started to gather a huge amount of information that would make the world a bit better. They started to apply artificial intelligence and this would help to make up for the gaps that were in the industry. The work that they do has helped medicine to become way more advanced and they are also continually making sure that everything they do is for the benefit of those around them.

Starship Technologies

At the end of the day, it’s important to recognise Starship Technologies as well. They got their name in the city of London and now they have offices in Germany, Estonia and even the US as well. Starship Technologies and their users are always trying to do everything they can to make sure that they are growing their user base. Now they have over 12 million users and they are also growing by the year. The company are a delivery service and they are focused on using robots. The original goal was to actually create a brand-new system which would be faster and which would also be far more cost-effective. Self-driven delivery robots have since been born and this has helped the industry to grow even more. The work that they have done has been revolutionary to say the least and it is only a matter of time until it’s implemented across the world.

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