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How digital experience platforms fulfill digital transformation needs

There are a lot of businesses out there that are doing traditional business just fine. And there are a lot of businesses that went online and expanded their business reach to the whole world. Among those businesses, some businesses are using the Liferay Digital Experience Platform for the digital transformation of their business. But what exactly is Digital Transformation, and how this Digital Transformation can totally revamp your business? Well, this Digital Transformation is possible with LIferay Portal Development. But, before going deep, let’s have a look at what exactly is Digital Transformation.

What is digital transformation

Digital Transformation simply means bringing digital technology into your business and enable the business with digital technology. In other words, you can say the technology which brings a smoother working process to your employees and a smoother experience for your customers to shop online, is Digital Transformation.

Suppose, If you are a hardware manufacturer, then you can develop a Digital Experience Platform which will help your employees with accessing all of the information, documents, and other business-related information easily. With digital transformation, your business can take a totally new shape. And also, you can manage your customers, sell your products online with the Digital Experience Platform. So, this Digital Transformation is a Win-win thing for both the company and its customers.

Why adopt digital transformation

Adopting DIgital Transformation has its own benefits for you as well as your customers. We can address a few here.

Customer experience:

When you serve your customers a web platform or a mobile app from which your customers can view your company information, view your products, buy them and rate them gives a pleasing experience to the users which impresses them to a great extent. Besides, when customers get to drop reviews, ask for help and can complain online, right from their homes, they would be much happier as they don’t have to step outside their home and everything can be managed from the mobile/web application.

Improved employee experience

When your employees get to work with a decent portal, they get every data and document very easily, and that’s what makes the employees productive. With Liferay Digital Experience, you can provide your employees with a great portal from which they can manage everything related to their work right from the portal, which makes the business process faster and smoother. When you provide your employees with a decent interactive system that allows them to do their work by just a few clicks, they love it and which leads to increased productivity!

Better process workflow

With the Digital Experience Platform, you can serve a better and smoother business workflow. If you were struggling for documentation and such things, then the Digital Experience Platform can automate those documentation processes, create invoices, reports, and other documentation for you by simple inputs in your portal, and you’re done! With the DXP, not just documentation that gets easy, but with new tools and technology, the employees can work faster and give their best to increase their productivity! So, with this Digital Experience Platform, one can design a better process workflow for their business and increase their business productivity!

So, these were some of the reasons why should you choose the Digital Experience Platform for your business or enterprise. But, what’s there for you if you choose the Digital Experience Platform Development with Liferay? Well, you get a lot of benefits when you choose Liferay Digital Experience Platform Development, among which some are listed here:

Advantages of digital transformation

Easy usability:

Liferay offers a beautiful and intuitive user interface so, everyone can operate the Liferay portal without any troubles or queries. With its minimal UI, the user can easily perform his task on the portal. So, the Liferay Digital Experience Platform offers better usability of the portal and even a non-technical person can use the portal with ease. So, the Liferay DXP could be the portal you need to Digitally Transform your business and give your business a boost!

Better personalization

When you choose Digital transformation with the Liferay Digital Experience Platform, you are choosing a better system that can transform your business with better personalization. Every business has different needs. One simple solution can not fit all business needs, so Liferay Digital Experience comes with a solution for that. It allows you to personalize your portal/business application as per your needs and get your work done the way you want. So, this is one great advantage of digital transformation with Liferay DXP.

Low cost

Liferay DXP has quite a lower pricing structure than other similar platforms out there, and yet, Liferay DXP serves the best features, functions, and customization. Liferay Digital Experience Platform costs less than a full-time employee, but with that investment, you can easily manage everything for your business, whether it is employee management, customer management, payable bills, reports or anything. You will get more ease at managing such things with Liferay Digital Experience Platform which costs lower than a monthly full-time employee.

Extensive library

Your Liferay Digital Experience Platform will be built with the support of a lot of extensive libraries which will bring down the development cost and time. Developing a decent Digital Platform for your business is not a one-day task and requires much time, patience, and effort. With already-built libraries, developers will require lesser time to build your product so you will get your portal developed faster and with low development rates. So, this is another great advantage of choosing the Liferay Digital Experience Platform.

And a lot more!


Liferay Digital Experience Platform can transform your business and could revamp it with mere single application development. After reading this blog, you must be clear on why you should adopt the Liferay Digital Experience Platform to build a system for your enterprise that makes easy workflow and can handle the business workflow smoothly. So, be a part of this Digital Transformation and give your business a Liferay Digital Experience Platform and stand out in your business from others!

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