What Different Industries Are Now Making Use of Artificial Intelligence?

What Different Industries Are Now Making Use of Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial intelligence is one of the most impressive technologies humans ever have created. Find out how it’s already being used to benefit the world.

Technology is revolutionising the way we live our lives. Just look at how different everything is with the creation of mobile phones. There are so many brilliant inventions coming out in succession that it’s difficult to keep track, but perhaps the most promising of all technological advancements in recent years is artificial intelligence. In another decade’s time, AI could become as integrated into our daily lives as our mobile phones are now – and perhaps even more so. Industries everywhere have already started using it in their operations. But how exactly is artificial intelligence of use to businesses? We’re going to be answering this question below; read on if you’d like to find out more.


Artificial intelligence has many applications in the healthcare industry. AI programs can process incomprehensible amounts of data, which is far too large for humans to muddle through, and they eventually produce invaluably useful results. For instance, they are able to produce hard evidence on how effective treatments have been, help with diagnostic processes, develop medical drugs, etcetera.

Perhaps most exciting of all, artificial intelligence is currently being developed in conjunction with prosthetic limbs. If we could develop AI with the sensory capabilities of a human, we might be able to completely restore motor function for amputees. It’s an incredible feat that’s looking more and more likely. That’s why artificial intelligence in global healthcare has attracted the attention of tech entrepreneur and philanthropist Tej Kohli. People are finally starting to recognise its potential.


There’s no denying that today’s society has become increasingly impatient and focused on instant gratification. As a result, manufacturers struggled to keep up with the high demand for goods – that was until artificial intelligence came along. Now, AI has been developed to help with production.

Machines have been created which are programmed to repeat the same motions over and over again, regardless of how complicated these might be. Not only does this reduce human labour but it also means that manufacturing is quicker than ever before. This helps companies keep up with the high demand. Moreover, it means the stock is produced to a higher standard with more consistency as the variable of human error has been removed.

Digital Marketing

Believe it or not, the digital marketing industry also makes use of artificial intelligence. But how? Firstly, through the application of chatbots via website popups. These are a sophisticated piece of AI software which can mimic human dialogue, process whatever customers ask them, then answer by generating appropriate responses from a database.

They’re great for increasing engagement on a business’s webpage, turning visitors into buyers. AI software is also helpful when it comes to digital marketing because it’s able to track user activity and compile results on engagement far quicker and easier than humans could. This data then helps businesses to optimise their advertising campaigns.

There are innumerable advantages to artificial intelligence in society. We’re excited to see where else this technology can take us – as long as the world isn’t overthrown by robots, of course.

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