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New Transparent Face Masks Launched to Help See a Smile Again

Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] supplier, PPE for the UK, has launched a new range of ‘See You’ transparent face masks designed to help businesses improve communication between staff and customers. They enable people to see a smile whilst also ensuring they can better accommodate vulnerable, Deaf and hearing-impaired people in the workplace.

Approved by both the Health and Safety Executive [HSE] and Food and Drug Administration [FDA], the ‘See You’ transparent masks are both fog and latex-free and allow people to see full facial expressions, making communication more natural and accessible.

Focused on helping businesses keep staff safe and in work with the supply of high-grade, cost effective PPE on demand, the ‘See You’ transparent face masks are the latest product range to be launched and enable businesses to ensure staff members can communicate as effectively and efficiently as possible with one another and with customers, whilst helping to reduce the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

This comes as increasing numbers of individuals, particularly vulnerable, Deaf and hearing-impaired members of the public, report the challenge of trying to understand and engage with those wearing full face coverings, particularly in a work environment.

Mark O’Sullivan, CEO of PPE for the UK explained: “It is now required by law for individuals to wear face masks in the majority of all indoor, public settings, with many businesses outside of public facing industries also requesting their staff to wear face masks when on site, particularly those operating in closer proximity, such as manufacturing.

Our new ‘SeeYou’ transparent face masks have been optimised for comfort and breathability, whilst enabling staff members to communicate more effectively by showing the wearer’s entire face and full facial expressions. Aside from improving engagement between staff members and customers, the new transparent face masks are likely to have positive impact in a teaching environment and will also be able to support and accommodate the needs of Deaf and hearing impaired workers who rely on lip-reading to understand and communicate with their peers.“

Since inception, PPE for the UK has successfully supplied vital PPE equipment, ranging from masks, gloves and wipes to infrared thermometers and office screens, to organisations countrywide.

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