The Podcast Queen, Anna Parker Naples, said a podcast is a clever move for Harry and Meghan.

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Leading Podcast Expert Shares Her Thoughts on the New Royal Podcast and Why Businesses Should be Following in Harry and Meghan's Footsteps

With everyone talking about Prince Harry and Meghan’s holiday special podcasts for Spotify - The Podcast Queen, Anna Parker Naples, who’s audio work has seen her win awards and walk the red carpet herself, shares her thoughts on the royal podcast and explains why this is a clever move for Harry and Meghan and why businesses should follow in their footsteps and launch their own podcast.

Anna has over 15 years of audio and production experience and she is one of the UK’s leading podcast launch experts, a number 1 International Podcast Host and award-winning entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others amplify their message – and bring their podcast to their people. This year, Anna released her second book ‘Podcast with Impact: How to Start and Launch Your Podcast Properly’ - the first British woman to write a book on podcasting –  & it became a global best-seller! 

Podcasting is a medium that is growing at an unprecedented level and this was accelerated by the global pandemic… there is a real increasing thirst for audio content. The industry is set to continue to surge and soar in popularity, at the start of 2020, Deloitte predicted that the global market would grow by 25 per cent to US$3.5 billion (£2.6 billion).

Anna said; “Podcasting is the fastest growing medium right now, and allows hosts to develop an intimate level of rapport with one listener at a time across the globe. 

“For Harry and Meghan this is a clever move. Beyond official statements in the press, the duo can get across their own thoughts and takes on what happens around them, and there is no denying the thirst people have to gain insider knowledge into the recent royal debacle.  For Spotify, eager to gain a sure footing in the podcasting space, hitherto dominated by Apple, this is one more notch in the belt as significant first. The success of purchasing Joe Rogan’s show, the growth of their listenership and now this partnership with Archewell Audio, you can’t ignore that Spotify is fast becoming a driving force in the podcast space.

’Whatever you think of them, this has been a smart move. They will have millions of downloads and build rapport with people. This really is the most powerful platform on the planet right now…when the podcast is done properly.

Why did they start a podcast? It might not seem an obvious choice for a couple who want out of the relentless spotlight. But, what a podcast allows them though are these four important elements:

  1. Connection to their followers
  2. To have a positive impact on the world in their own way. This gives them control.
  3. To share their own voices and thoughts without being twisted by mainstream media
  4. To shine a light on others and their inspiring stories.“

Audio content is so popular and is one of the best ways to stand out in your field, Anna said: “Anyone who is anyone in the online business space right now is moving towards launching a podcast. It is fast becoming the best way to educate, inspire and connect with potential and current clients as listeners go about their daily lives. A podcast takes effort and within my book, I want to help people ensure that their show works well for them and their business or organisation right from the word go. I want to empower others to ensure their show doesn’t get lost in the noisy online space. 

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