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Warrington-mum who Raised Both Funds & Spirits at Global Event Quits Teaching to Launch Her Own Business to Empower Other Mums to Dream BIG

Warrington solo mum and abuse survivor, Louisa Herridge, 41 is a qualified Reinvention and Empowerment Coach, writer, speaker and leader of the Mamas Ignited movement - who has recently has quit teaching in the midst of the pandemic, to launch her true passion project - supporting other mums; especially those who, like her, have suffered trauma - to find their spark, so that they can turn up the dial on living lives they actually love, transforming their ironing boards into surfboards that will ride the waves of their next adventure! This come from her much-loved expression -*** ‘An ironing board is a surfboard that gave up on its dreams and got a boring job. Don’t be an ironing board!’ *** Last week, a Warrington-mum bravely shared her own story on stage at a huge global business event to challenging women’s roles and the reality of equality in 2021. On April 22-23rd Louisa joined global motivational speaker and award-winning business leader, Dani Wallace for a fun-packed virtual event to banish the ‘zoom gloom’; sharing the stage alongside; Olympians, journalists, and leading global coaches and mentors from every walk of life to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide in their business, personal and spiritual lives.

Louisa took to the global stage with her ironing board in tow, she said; “How many of us will leave this pandemic unscathed? From gained weight to broken marriages; loneliness to loss – extended lockdowns have piled on the pressure. Mental wellbeing is one of the major casualties and women more than ever are feeling the pressure of the juggle-struggle. The balancing of roles in the home has become blurred with women often bearing the brunt of the childcare, despite working full-time, this is a debate in itself, but what worries me more is the impact that this is having on our mental well-being.”

Having developed her signature system ‘Ignite’ Louisa connects mindfulness to our energy and earth elements through her 5-step mindfulness system, educating women on how by understanding our core five elements we connect with our mind body and soul, to then enable balance in our minds, and in our lives. She said; “When we tap into our 5 elements, we can ignite the women we desire to be.”

The Bee Inspired LIVE April 2021 covered everything from spiritual therapy, leadership and power, to less hustle, more success, and overcoming grief. In this awe-inspiring event, Dani, renowned in the entrepreneurial world for her high energy candid style, kick-started Covid fatigue into touch, with a true powerhouse of guests to deliver 2 days of unique ‘edutainment’ whilst raising money for her charitable foundation, The FlyAnyway Foundation, which supports survivors of Domestic Abuse in building up businesses.

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