John Fielding and Kay Leigh Richardson from The Core
John and Kay Leigh offer top tips on staying healthy when returning to the office.

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Take your healthy habits back to the workplace

With the gradual easing of restrictions, much of the population is planning to return to the workplace and back to some sort of ‘normality’. Whether you are going back to the office gradually, on a part time basis or back full time, there will be a clear lifestyle change for all of us.

Lockdown has allowed us to consider making healthy changes to our working lifestyles, including more breaks away from the screen and having more time to fit in daily walks and exercise.

But, remember to take your healthy habits back to the workplace! The Core is a community that helps its members to transform their bodies, energy levels and mindsets by promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle. Founders, John and Kay-Leigh share their top tips for continuing your new, healthy routine even when returning to the office:

  1. Turn your commute into a workout “Why not try walking or cycling to work instead of taking the car?” John suggests. “This may not be possible for all of us, but if you live close to your office, you may consider changing your commuting habits to fit in some extra cardio or steps each day. Even parking a little further away from the office each day can add up to a big difference!”

  2. Remember your 10,000 steps Kay Leigh adds: “If you can’t change your commute to add in extra activity, remember to fit it in during your lunch or breaks throughout the day. Even going for a ten-minute walk after your lunch could add thousands of steps to your daily total, increasing the number of calories your body is burning throughout the day, whilst keeping your heart healthy and allowing your mind a break from the screen. Taking the stairs, using toilets that are further away from your desk and adding some simple bodyweight exercises to the time it takes the kettle to boil are all additional contributions to your physical pension pot.”

  3. Stay hydrated John comments: “Working from home has helped many of us stay more hydrated, with easy access to a kitchen, and frequent water breaks throughout the day. Remember to carry these habits through to your office life. Most people should be drinking over 2 litres of water a day to keep hydrated and increasing your water intake will also help you to lose weight and feel more alert. Take a refillable bottle to your desk and aim to refill it at least twice a day.”

  4. Let your lunches benefit your mind, body and health “Lockdown has been a time when people have either improved their diets or gone off the rails with their eating habits. Returning to the office could help you start eating healthily or encourage you to continue eating healthily.”

Kay Leigh adds: “Our growing community at The Core has chosen to improve their diets over lockdown with the help of our guidance. A planned and balanced approach could save you time and money when returning to the office, as well as supporting weight loss and ensuring that you’re not caught out with limited options as hunger strikes. With our support you don’t need to worry about nipping to the shops to buy something - planning and support ensures you’re covered”

  1. Use your breaks to refuel John explains: “To increase your metabolic rate and stay fuelled throughout the day, it is important to snack between meals. But make these snacks something that will increase your energy and concentration, whilst not being full of sugar or fat. Balanced and planned options that are easy to snack on will keep you full and focused between meals.”

Core member Lisa Jones began her journey during lockdown, having lost 5 stone to date. Continuing to work in the office throughout the past year, Lisa was easily able to change her lifestyle with the help of The Core. She comments: “My whole life has changed since joining The Core. Not only have I lost 5 stone in weight I have always wanted to lose but never been able to, changing my diet has also increased my concentration and mindset. I feel more motivated all the time, can focus more on my work, and enjoy things more as I feel more energetic. It has been amazing; I feel like a new version of me.”

For those of us who haven’t adopted a healthy eating plan throughout lockdown, returning to the office could be a perfect time to start.

Increasing the distance between you and your fridge can help you stop unnecessary snacking and getting out of the house regularly everyday can increase your exercise output. Planning your meals and your snacks can not only help you feel more organised throughout the week; it can save you time and money whilst helping to lose lockdown weight so you feel more motivated and focused.

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