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Gismart Gains Nearly 90M Players with Three Games оn Snapchat

Friends Quest, the latest the company’s release for Snapchat, is a real-time competitive multi-player platform game where the player needs to pass a series of levels full of dangers and mysteries. Friends Quest is the third title Gismart released on Snapchat as a part of a multi-game partnership agreement signed earlier this year.

Released on the 10th of September, over 4.8 million players have already played Friends Quest globally on Snapchat. Together with previous game releases, Color Galaxy and Crazy Run, Gismart games generated nearly ninety million players, with the fourth title in development. Friends Quest was developed using Snaps Play Canvas, a web-first 3D game engine where developers can build HTML 5 games collaboratively.

“We view social platform games as a sustainable growing business for Gismart. With Snapchat, the chances of releasing a hit game are higher than in a hyper casual world today. For instance, Color Galaxy, our first title on Snapchat, is comparable with successful hyper-casual games both in terms of the number of players and the profit received. The game is still one of the most popular on the platform and continues to generate profit” said Lana Meisak, VP Business Development and Marketing at Gismart.

“We couldn’t be happier for Gismart’s third game launch on our platform, Friends Quest. It’s been over two years since we started the partnership, and we’re excited to see our platform become a key area of investment for successful publishers like Gismart. With Snapchat, players benefit from our in-game social features such as voice and chat, enabling them to play against their friends without friction. Gismart continues to take full advantage of our social features and leads a wave of innovative, new hyper-social gaming experiences.” said Pedro Rodrigues, Head of E.M.E.A Games Partnerships at Snap Inc.

Snap Games is a real-time, multi-player gaming platform designed for high-fidelity, synchronous game play between friends. Snapchatters can play Snap Games with each other without having to install a separate app, and they’re accessed through Chat, where millions of conversations take place every single day. With 293 million daily active users using Snapchat every day on average and over 75% of the 13-34 year old U.S. population using the application, Snap Games represents an enormous opportunity for mobile game developers.

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