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How to Navigate the Labour Crisis – Reimagining How Companies Reach and Re-engage their Workforce

By Matthew de la Hey, CEO of inploi

For many prospective employers, the post-pandemic hiring landscape is proving particularly challenging. Unemployment rates are up almost 10% compared to March 2020, yet vacancy numbers are higher than they were before the pandemic. There is a real disconnect somewhere between employers and the workforces they are looking to hire from. The question, therefore, isn’t a statistical one; rather it is a question of how companies communicate with potential hires effectively and make the talent attraction process more engaging and efficient.

Many prospective employers have been caught off guard by changes in the labour market, in part driven by a workforce increasingly comprised of Millenial and Gen-Z job seekers. Far too many companies still rely on legacy technology with outdated, clunky user experiences that, quite frankly, are no longer fit for purpose. Their reach is limited by ongoing reliance on tired channels that exclude these demographics, as the next generation look to different ways of accessing career-related information and job opportunities.

In order to stand the greatest chance of success when it comes to talent attraction companies need to focus on two things. Firstly, on diversifying their recruitment marketing channels, so that their content is reaching the future of the workforce. Secondly, on their user or candidate experience. In order to hold the attention of job seekers in a competitive market the experience of accessing company information, finding jobs, and submitting applications needs to be as user friendly/delightful as possible; removing any and all unnecessary friction/barriers to entry.

Data and analytics also have a huge part to play in this. Those employers who are able to fine-tune their talent attraction by analysing their recruitment marketing efforts and application journeys will build a competitive advantage. Being able to see and then optimise metrics across the entire recruitment process (including conversion and drop off rates, costs per application, costs per hire, content/wage optimisation etc.) from first contact with a potential applicant through to onboarding and beyond, all stratified by channel, is a marked departure from the ‘spray and pray’ approach of the past. This is where inploi comes into its own. Our team’s mission is to rebuild the infrastructure of online talent attraction, with a suite of SaaS products that helps companies to attract, engage, and convert the workforce of tomorrow.

inploi’s conversion module seamlessly integrates with existing HR systems, significantly improving the candidate experience and increasing applicant conversion rates. The attraction module delivers universal reach to online communities across social media, job boards, aggregators, search and display campaigns, and our own community of candidates. The data and analytics module gives companies never before seen insights into the applicant experience and powerful data that informs key business decisions. Altogether, these products future-proof enterprise talent attraction, delivering a competitive advantage in a crucial business area.

In the UK, the post-Brexit, intra-Covid labour market is markedly different to anything that came before. This, read alongside rapid changes in technology and media, is having a profound impact on the ability of many companies to reach, effectively engage, and ultimately hire the people they need to operate effectively. Those prepared to embrace innovation and lean into the inevitable change that has come to talent attraction stand the greatest chance of success. inploi provides a powerful set of SaaS tools that will help these firms stay ahead of the curve.

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