Why Gender Diversity In Leadership Is Still An Issue

Duo Global Consulting

When we first started talking about our Women’s Leadership Programme, the response was interesting. One of the questions, often asked tongue in cheek, was “what about a men’s leadership programme, why are you just creating a programme for women?”

We do a lot of leadership work, and in our consultancy work we certainly work with more male leaders than female, the issues isn’t men in leadership, or women in leadership – it is simply about the in-balance across the two. Let’s look at a few simple statistics:

Ultimately, this is what lead us to create our women’s leadership programme, but let’s make one thing clear before we continue. Gender equality is absolutely not about raising women up at the expense of men, or positive discrimination that means the wrong people are put into roles just to balance a number. Gender equality is about creating a work environment that values, encourages, and provides opportunities to men and women equally and gives them the freedom to be themselves in the workplace.

Couple this with statistical evidence that clearly shows that a more balanced representation of women in top leadership positions produces better financial results. All of our work is focussed on creating the biggest results for our clients, and ultimately, companies with female leaders within their leadership team, outperformed those without.

Our Women’s Leadership Programme is not an isolated, one off interaction, with most clients we run this in tandem with all of our other organisational culture work, and throughout the program provide tools for conversation and integration way beyond the learning in the room. The reason behind this is that real change around gender diversity is wider than just a leadership programme – it is about changes in cultural beliefs and behaviour across an organisation to create more diversity on an ongoing, sustained basis.

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